Bienvenidos a

Hello. I’m your host
— Joshua Blankenship.
Ready, set, internet.

Here’s the scoop I’m a 42yo human in Greenville, South Carolina, known for blogging, designing brand identities, writing and illustrating books and paper goods with my family, making affordable logos for small businesses, and thinking about Magic: the Gathering way too much. But lately I’m heads down on some long haul digital design systems projects. This little website is a place to aggregate all those endeavors — like a one-stop Blankenshop.

I’m a designer by trade, which means different things on different days, but generally speaking I’m passionate about brand identity, the intersection of design and business, weird logos, equipping in-house teams with sustainable design systems, and teaching, mentoring, and coaching new designers to go further than I ever will.

I play Magic: the Gathering which is objectively the greatest game ever created. I’m a fan of a 100-card singleton format called Commander (or Elder Dragon Highlander for the old school nerds), and host a monthly gathering and Slack channel for our group of like-minded collectible card game enthusiasts here in Greenville.

Other things you might care about include Dribbble, some music I post on my Instagram Stories, non-Haiku poetry, following #blankenkitchen on Instagram for food pics, or my quarterly Spotify playlists. Onward and upward.